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While the largest SEO companies that are quickly gaining large numbers of customers and creating a conveyor with the in-line promotion as quickly lose them, craft SEO companies always work with a limited number of customers who appreciate the professionalism, consistent communication with the service provider and want to enter into what is happening with their website.

So, if you want, without going into details, just to give the website in promotion, craft SEO promotion is not for you. This promotion of websites is interesting only for those business owners who choose a contractor not only on price but also on the proposal.


Constant communication with the customer directly, personal discussion of tasks, processes, the desired result

Creativity, initiative in the proposal of a variety of solutions to get desired result

The absence of in-line approach, the development and use of individual techniques to achieve the goal for each customer

The absence of a race for number of customers, a limited number of clients for maximum attention to each project

Craft SEO -
this is a special work philosophy

From the above, it becomes clear that craft SEO companies - it's not just small firms with a small number of customers, it is the particular philosophy of work, when what you produce has to be a better product than the competitors.

Below the "leaders" of the SEO market there is no task to "do better" and just "earn more". Therefore, craft SEO promotion with its author's approach wins the location of the regular customers, those that do not agree to be "one of".

This approach is unattainable to the large companies, which make the service cheaper and easier. At the same time craft (in the best sense of the word) companies do not need additional advertising because of their excellent quality and targeting of service which have no peers, and for the benefit of such SEO companies word of mouth works.

We – SEO-WORKSHOP, not a quick service manufactory. We are not engaged in production promotion. We are convinced that one optimizer can be carried out simultaneously without losing quality no more than 5 projects, in most studios, this number tends to 20.

Will you prefer the author's picture or the serial print?

One can say we have hand-made production, of course we use the necessary software for processing large volumes of data and automation routine processes, but as practice shows, a competent SEO optimization can not be done without the participation of a living person.

Yes, UNIVERSEO takes no more than 2 projects per month as to give maximum attention to each client. And for us this number is optimal. We focus not on the increase in the inflow of new customers, we focus on the quality of result and they get it.

Most clients come to us for advice. We are just not profitable to lose this channel to attract customers. We have nothing else but to confirm the correctness of their choice.

Maksim Simakov

Director of SEO-workshop “UNIVERSEO”

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