Souvenirs online store “Sambook”

Basic data:

We were approached by a business owner with a request to promote Russian Souvenirs selling online store and also make a website redesign.

The client used the services of another SEO company for several years.

The website is more than five years old, it is quite old and at the beginning of the work of our SEO workshop it was already included in TOP 3 for many subject requests.

However, there were no orders from the website and only the main and several sections were optimized and there were found hidden spam links.

Previous SEO company promotion was carried out only for 70 requests.

Project targets:

Target No. 1  - Raise the attendance to 2,500 visitors per month after 6 months

Target No. 2  - Increase the number of promoted requests and put the main request in the first place in the TOP.

Target No. 3  - Attract visitors to the service "the creation of souvenirs by-order"

Target No. 1

After 9 months of promoting traffic increased by 3.6 times and amounted to 2016 visitors per month

Target No. 2

We increased the number of promoted requests 10 times from 70 to 700. And moved the rest in TOP 5:

Позиции в Яндекс

Запрос Было Стало
Samara souvenir shop 1 1
Samara souvenirs 2 1
Souvenirs from Samara 17 2
Business gifts 37 3
Souvenir shop 4 1
Souvenirs 3 1

Target No. 3

On the average there were 3 requests for souvenirs to order in a week, by optimizing the landing page and adding a button “to leave the order”




2016 visitors, 56 applications per month - after 7 months of promotion

Results for the 9 months promotion:

Traffic has increased 3.6 times

562 Before



The number of requests in the TOP 10





The number of requests for promotion has increased in 10 times

70 Before



Orders received for the service "the creation of souvenirs by-order"

0 Before



How we did it?

  • did the website redesign
  • conducted commercial and SEO website audit
  • picked up 630 new requests for promotion
  • optimized 120 categories of goods in accordance with the search systems requirements
  • added form of communication for souvenirs to order
  • added filters for products in the catalogue
  • added the rating of products and wish list

What we plan to do next?

  • add new requests for promotion
  • increase traffic to 2500 visitors after 2 months
  • increase the number of orders of theonline store
  • conduct A-B testing of the feedback forms for "the creation of souvenirs to order"

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